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En este producto encontrarás la resolución de 9 supuestos prácticos.

La legislación que aparece en ellos está actualizada. No obstante hay que tener en cuenta que los Decretos y Órdenes que en ellos aparecen son de la Comunidad Valenciana. Tan solo tendrás que buscar los correspondientes Decretos de tu comunidad autónoma.


Sus enunciados van de lo más sencillo a lo más complejo y son los que se detallan a continuación:

Supuesto 1:

Propose for your second graders 3 activities that promote the development of the oral skills.

Supuesto 2:

Propose 3 activities that promote the development of the written skills for your second and fourth graders.

Supuesto 3:

Propose 4 learning stations for your third graders that promote the writing skill in English. Take into account that there is a dyslexic girl.

Supuesto 4:

Describe activities in which the Universal Learning Design is implemented. Take into account that there is a student with ADHD.

Supuesto 5:

You are a teacher of a rural school. It has four buildings in four different villages. In each building there are up to ten students of several ages. All classes count on a computer and a digital board. In one building there are three students from 2nd grade, four from 4th grade and three from 5th grade. One of the second graders has an auditory impairment so the previous English teacher did not practice this skill. For this reason, their listening skill is weak. Explain how would you solve this situation.

Supuesto 6:

This year, you are the English teacher of a three lines school located in the city of Alicante. Your school is very big and all the classes have their own playground space to do outdoor activities if necessary.
Due to the covid situation and taking into account that three classes are confined, outdoors classes must be prioritized. Explain how you would teach the oral skills in fourth grade of Primary Education taking into account that in your class there are 18 students, one of them with ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER.
Take into account that your students must work at least 5 of the seven competences proposed by the Rd 126/2014.

Supuesto 7:

You are teaching in a school situated in a very low-class district on the outskirts of Castellón where more than 30% of the students receive compensatory education. Explain how CLIL methodology can be implemented in your sixth grade. Take into account that in your school there is one student with disruptive behaviour.

Supuesto 8:

You are planning to start an e-twinning project with a school partner in England related to the didactic use of tablets in the English class as a complementary resource to develop a project about bullying. How would you justify the full planning to your 6th level students’ families?

Supuesto 9:

You are in a school which develops many activities related to improve reading comprehension in both languages, Valencian and Spanish. So, as the principal of the school is very interested in this skill, she has asked you to implement in your programme planning activities to develop reading in English. Select a level and explain how you can improve and arise their interest in this skill. Take into account that the school counts with a big library, with 25 tablets for teaching purposes and all classes have digital boards.


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